The Opening of Magical Maribel Finds!


In a blog post in the past, I wrote about how it is so fun and fulfilling it is to find really great deals at Thrift stores. This is honestly something I do a lot because Disney merchandise can sometimes be a bit pricey. I live in central Florida near the Walt Disney World area, so I tend to find a lot of really good Disney items and in really good condition. This is both a blessing and a curse because I want it all but I also can’t keep it all or I would be a serious hoarder! So, the solution… open up a small thrift shop online! Magical Maribel Finds, which you can easily find on Depop or Instagram by searching that name, is now open for business! This is where I will be selling gently-used items in good condition, items that are brand new with the tags still on them or thrifted items that have been up-cycled to add some magic to them! All items can be purchased on the MagicalMaribelFinds instagram page through direct message and I will send and invoice to your email where you can pay through paypal OR you can purchase on my Depop page which is an online second-hand/vintage store which can also be found as MagicalMaribelFinds. All of the items I will be putting up for sale are very gently-used and in good condition, they are all items that I would personally buy and wear/use myself. If there are any issues with the item, I make sure to note that in the description. I also have a rating system that I use to rate the condition of the items, 1-5 stars meaning 1 star is poor and 5 stars is brand new in perfect condition. All prices also include shipping fee! So please go check out Magical Maribel Finds for some great prices on good Disney items. Remember in school when you learned about the importance of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, well thats what buying second-hand is. Helping the Earth by being resourceful, all while looking cute in your magical clothes!   



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