Quick Review: LeFou’s Brew

In the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, there is a little place to get some treats and snacks in the new Fantasyland area. Right by Be Our Guest in the Beauty and the Beast section is Gaston’s Tavern where they are known for their GIANT cinnamon rolls and a drink called LeFou’s Brew. On top is a layer of foam that has a tart, fruity taste to it and the rest is this blended ice apple juice drink with hints of toasted marshmallow. It is a strange combination because the top is very summery tasting, whereas the bottom is fall tasting in my opinion. I did really enjoy it and would suggest it to someone else to try, but its more of a one time purchase for me. As delicious as I do think it is, it’s probably not something I would find myself randomly craving or drooling over…

But now I need to get my hands on that giant cinnamon roll.


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