What I pack for a Disney day! πŸŽ’


After many years of going to Disney (my entire 25 years of life to be exact) I have come up with a list of items that I always bring with me. This is pretty much how I keep my backpack packed at all times so I can be prepared to go to the parks on any given day. These are the things I bring with me almost every time I go, plus or minus a few things depending on the time of the year or how many hours I will be there.

  1. Minnie ears (because duh)
  2. Hat (to help keep the sun out of your face)
  3. Sunglasses (refer to above reason, it’s Florida)
  4. Hoodie or light sweater (for chilly nights or cold indoor areas)
  5. Umbrella (in case of rain, unexpected rain is to be expected in Florida)
  6. Poncho (also refer to above reason, can be used as shield on water rides)
  7. Water bottle (water is free in most places in the parks, but just in case)
  8. Β Hand sanitizer (lots of people = lots of germs)
  9. Chapstick (chapped lips aren’t cute)
  10. Gum/Mints/Candy (you get the idea)
  11. Deodorant/Perfume (hot weather causes sweat which causes unwanted odors)
  12. Portable charger (if you are anything like me, your phone will die)
  13. Wallet (with ID, money, credit cards and passes)
  14. MAGIC BAND (if you don’t have a magic band… get one)
  15. “Extras” (extra hair ties, feminine products, etc.)

AND THAT’S IT! Just a little help if you are packing for a trip and need a little reminder. I genuinely use almost all of these items on almost every single trip. Hope this is helpful!


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