Don’t be afraid of thrift shops! πŸ˜³

Dear Disney Fans,

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CHECK THRIFT STORES FOR DISNEY MERCH! I will be the first person to admit that I normally do not think of visiting thrift stores and consignment shops instead of going places like Target first. So, one fateful day (yesterday to be exact) I was driving by a Goodwill and thought to myself, “I haven’t gone thrifting in a while… and I’ve bought every Disney shirt that target currently has to offer… maybe I should go in there and check it out!”, so I did just that. I parked my car, walked right into the store and became completely overwhelmed. I forgot how huge and disorganized stores like that can be. Feeling slightly stressed out, I decided to just suck it up and dive in. I began making my way up and down every aisle and before I knew it my arms were full of clothes. Once, I had gone through the entire women’s section, I even went and checked out the men’s section and found a few shirts there too. Oh, and I almost forgot that I passed by the random household items section and even scored a cool christmas Disney mug!

Below is a little haul of an hour and a half worth of Disney damage I did at the thrift store. I also bought other items not pictures because they weren’t Disney related which makes them irrelevant. These 8 shirts came out to around $30 total, which is a steal because as you probably know, sometime just ONE Disney shirt can be around $30. Moral of the story is, don’t forget that thrift store can be a gold mine for Disney merchandise!


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