Best Stores for Adult Disney shirts!πŸ‘šπŸ‘•

When it comes to Disney merch, there are a lot of options for children. You can find some sort of Disney related item in almost any children’s section at almost any store. For adults, it’s a little bit harder. As childish as I am, I am indeed an adult. So, I’m going to break down which stores I like to get Disney shirts from and why. Note: this is more focused on places with relatively low prices mixed with good quality and many options.

(Sorry for the wrinkly shirts as examples pictures. I’m not very good at adulting.)



Every time I have ever been in Khols, I have always found all kinds of adult Disney merchandise. In fact, I have often found Disney shirts in 2 for $20 sales sections which is where I found the shirt pictured above. Hunt around a little bit more and you are usually able to find Disney jewelry, pajamas and more. Also at Khols is Lauren Conrad’s clothing line which most of the time happens to have a Disney theme to it.


Forever 21Β 

Forever 21 is hit or miss when it comes to Disney merchandise, but you can truly find some gems. I’ve gotten inexpensive shirts, hats and pajamas that are all Disney themed from Forever 21, but they were definitely not all in one shopping trip. I usually will check the website often to see what new Disney items they have in stock or keep an eye out for anything when I go to the stores which is how I was able to snag the shirt pictured above.


Hot Topic

For more unique Disney merchandise, Hot Topic is the place to go. There are usually items from Disney movies that are “less popular” or underrated, so if you’re favorite movie/character isn’t as well known check here. Prices are a little bit higher, but for the uniqueness and many variations of styles and products, it is worth it most of the time. I love Aladdin, but don’t have very many clothing pieces from the movie because they are a little harder to come by, so I checked Hot Topic and found the tank top pictured above a few years ago. I wear it often and tend to get a lot of questions as to where I got it.



Target, Target, Target… what more can I say? My opinions on Target may be very biased since it is my favorite store. Target always has Disney merchandise in stock. I am usually able to find great Disney shirts in the women’s section and if I can’t find anything there, I go to the men’s shirts and if I find something I like I buy it in small. The shirt above is from a shopping trip many years ago, but I have also bought really nice Christmas, Halloween and other themed Disney shirts over the years.



Surprisingly, I have found many different types of Disney items at Walmart. Not to mention, since it’s Walmart it usually ends up being very cheap! The shirt above I bought for $5… I repeat… $5! Literally, $5. Also, check through the pajama section and even the home decor section for more Disney merchandise. A little bit of hunting and patience, since it is such a massive store, can score you some pretty good deals!


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