💰 FREE Disney Souvenir ideas!

It isn’t a secret that anything you can buy on Disney property is pricey. When you add up the necessities like the price of the tickets with parking, food, drinks, etc. there might not be much left in your budget for fun things like souvenirs! So, I’m going to list some ideas of absolutely free souvenirs you can get from the Walt Disney Worlds parks. Yes, I said FREE. Just a few items you can keep for the memories of your magical day!


    When you first get to the parks and are at the ticket/will-call booths, you can ask for a button. If you forget to get one then, you can walk up to cast members at any time throughout any park and ask for a button, they will either give you one or point you in the right direction to where you can get one. There are different buttons for different occasions, so depending on what you are celebrating you can get a pin. If you think you aren’t celebrating anything significant or don’t know what to get a pin for get a plain “I’m celebrating:” button and make something up! For instance, you could be celebrating visiting Walt Disney World for the 10th time.


2. Sticker

Stickers are all over the parks! Not only can you get them at so many different stores and other places, but depending on where you ask for a sticker depends on what TYPE of sticker you get. If you go to Momento Mori outside of The Haunted Mansion and ask for a sticker, you get stickers with the hitchhiking ghosts on it. This could even make for a fun game of collecting all different types of stickers from around the parks.


3. Maps

As soon as you walk into any park, you can easily get a hold of a map. This could be considered trash to some people, but with a little creativity you can make a nice souvenir out of it. You could frame it (example below) and even add letter stickers or write out the date of the trip so you will always remember it. The crafting options are endless with these maps with a little help from mod podge or a quick trip to a craft store.



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